Graphic Elephants Lon Winters
Jason Ballash
Jason Ballash started his career in the industry manual printing and still bumps his employee’s off a press to get his hands dirty. Going on ten years of production management experience Jason has developed many techniques in special effects and problem solving.
He continues to contribute to the trade by his companies involvement with manufacturers and vendors by participating in trade show demonstration printing showing increased quality and production speeds and continues to push the envelope with his involvement in winning many of the company awards.
Vice-President of Operations
Graphic Elephants, LLC • Elizabeth, Colorado
State-of-the-art screen print and embroidery design and sample studio specializing in photo-realism and special effects. A fully automated screen print, embroidery and special imaging operation.
Print This, Inc. • Elizabeth, Colorado
Industry consulting firm specializing in technical advances, plant design, layout, installation, and training.
R & D Specialist
  World Wide, Work closely with industry leading manufactures. Beta test new products before release, create new printing techniques and processes, and applies new technical methods to production.
Production Manager
  Graphic Elements, LLC. • Denver, CO
Production Floor supervisor for largest Screen Print & Embroidery plant in Colorado.
Christian Edge - Elizabeth, Colorado
Design & development of Christian based retail and wholesale apparel products.
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